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is that they're candidates of change not the president, especially when it comes to the economy. now here in boston, they will watch closely the early returns, some of the key states, particularly from virginia. the polls close there in less than an hour, folks here will be watching closely to see how the governor is doing. if he's doing well, then they're confident here they may have a good night.k live in boston, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> thank you. we'll check back with you throughout the afternoon and evening. a rare sight in cleveland, ohio. vice president biden's plane parked on the other side of an air field not far from two romney campaign planes. they all visited at the same time. the winner won the presidency 12 times in a row. vice president biden's stop was not announced before it happened. he and his wife jill posed for pictures and had lunch in a popular spot called landmark restaurant.
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this is biden's 22 trip to ohio. the campaign says it was planned for some time. biden is now in chicago. >> as you said mr. obama spending election day in chicago. mark matthews with more on the day and some bay area members of his campaign. >> they arrived this morning after a flurry of last minute campaigning throughout several battle ground states. in his old chicago neighborhood of hid park he stopped by a campaign office to thank volunteers. >> we've got to round up the votes. >> did he phone calling himself. >> you've got to tell the team i appreciate it. >> then, told reporter ez wanted to congratulate mitt romney on a hard fought campaign. >> i know his supporters are just as enthusiastic as we are today. we feel confident we've got the vos to win. it's going to depend on whether votes turn out so i ñ encourage tofsh make
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sure you exercise this precious right that we have, that people fought hard for us to have. >> he then retreated to play his election day basketball game. california attorney general harris arrived in chicago and he has been taking a bus tour through ohio. this video posted from you tube, yesterday we're told she was in iowa. tonight she'll be here to talk with us about the campaign. also from san francisco, wade ramly, on the finance committee. he gave me a run down on what the catch yain will be looking for in the first returns.. >> you look at the east coast, the three states that are the hardest for us are north carolina, virginia and florida. >> he did not expect ob yaum-to-a to win any of
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those three. >> i think we win new hampshire which is one state, the smallest and a pivotal state. if we win that, i think this goes well for us in battle ground states which i think we're going to win this campaign. >> so there is something to look for. let me show you the risers where we're standing this, is five levels and cameras stacked up. this looks as it did four years ago. we're in grant park. back then, it was a4ir night in chicago. lots of people filled that park. at least it's inside and outside right now. it's gold and rainy. you're not going to hear complaints here from folks inside. karen? larry? >> how big is the hall? how many people will it told hoeld? what are we expecting in terms of the size of the audience there? >> people haven't started to
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come in yet. that is still a couple hours away. reserve tickets for volunteers of the campaign. i have heard 10,000 and as high as 18,000 people. way down at the end of the hall, they won't be able to see the stage, but you will be able to get in. here isbkñ the main stage. it's reminiscent of chicago four years ago. a v-shaped podium. they've got risers with people that will be sitting behind the president and people here to the side. as he makes his entrance toonts, we're waiting to see whether it's a celebration. or something else. >> thank you. >> we'll check back with you throughout the evening. >> here in california eye alls on proposition 30, the education funding measure, prop 30 supporters held a pep rally this morning greeting the governor as' rifed in the oakland hills. the measure would add a
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quarter cent to the sales tax and increase income taxes on individuals that make more thanhhvy $250,000 a year. the governor says if prop 30 fails california schools will be in serious trouble. >> no on proposition 30 means billions of dollars out of the schools and universities. that is done. a yes vote means billions of dollars into schools. >> prop 30 opponents say it's too expensive and will drive business out of california. >> voters are seeing through the rhetoric of proposition 30 massive tax increase. >> both sides agree it's going to be a tight one. they say we likely will not know the outcome until tomorrow. here is a look at other state propositions, prop 32 preventing unions from deducting money from paychecks to use for political funding. prop 34 repeeling the death penalty. prop 36 providing california's three strikes law. prop 37 requiring food
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labeling requirements. and prop 38 posting realtime results on abc 7 our web site sup dated. >> joining us for election coverage tonight is san jose state university professor melinda jackson. is the research director for survey and policy research institute. the areas of interest are public opinions, civic engagement and political participation and melinda will be giving us analysis as returns come in. welcome. >> thank you. >> one of the closest-watched races is proposition 30, that is one of the tightest as well. what are your thoughts heading into this election? >> it's going to be a razor thin margin that could go either way. tolling shows 48% in favor, 44% against. with that 8% undecided so it's undecideds going to make the difference on this. it's also going to depend on turnout. group that's tend to favor prop 30 more, younger voters,
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latino voters also, groups don't always turn out in high numbers on election day. so turn out going to make a difference. >> what are your thoughts on prop 37? labeling of genetically engineered foods? >> prop 37 is going to be very close, initially there was majority support for prop 37, back in september polls showing over 60% in favor. there has been a lot of ads against 37 in the last few weeks of the campaign. so it's now under 50% as well. we have about 14% undecided at the last polls so they're going to make the difference. >> it's been an intense media blitz on that one. so will be interesting to see how that plays out. >> thank you. we'll see you later on. >> and perhaps the most-watched race in contra costa county is in richmond. voters will decide whether tomorrow pose a citywide tax on soda and sugary drinks.k=4ç:p
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fight childhood obesity. >> no problems reported in san jose. voters could drop off absentee ballot was out leaving cars. among races to watch there, volatile district 9 city council race between rose herera and challenger, jimmy nguyen, and measure d raising minimum wage from 8ss today $10 an hour. >> a little known program has judges stand fwoig handle disputes when a voter finds his or her names missing from roles at the polls. david lieu gee live to explain how this works. david? >> there is a court of appeals so to speak. so that almost every voter can turn to if they find they're not on the roll. 12 counties in california, among california's 58 counties there are judges standing fwoi sign a court order if you can swear that you're dually registered. it could be intimidating to sit alone in a large courtroom waiting to see a judge.
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but willow is here on principle. she doesn't want to be denied the right to cast a ballot today. >> i have information if it's too close. >> in a document she explains to the judge that she filed an ares change when she moved but went to the precinct to vote her name was not on the roll. she's petitioning to vote, a right she says she takes seriously since becoming a citizen. >> yes. i voted last time. i voted before last time this, is my third time to vote. >> four judges in santa clara county are standing by to handle the cases. judge around handled 15 petitions yesterday this, is the third today. >> this way they get to cast a ballot. it makes sure their right to vote is honored. >> judges have to weigh the facts and make an immediate decision. >> i kind of take them at their word.
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so i assume they're telling the truth because there are penalties if they do not. >> judges volunteer to clear their calendars and be available all day. and tonight one more voter's ballot will be counted. >> this is one of the positive things we can do today. i have a judge that can give people the right to vote. >> this does require a trip to the court house. asñk76v the court day winds to n end, after 4:00 there will be judges available by telephone to handle any appeals that happen between now and times the polls close. >> abc 7 news's don sanchez continues our live team coverage of the election at city hall. don? >> the same situation here. there are people waiting there. just drive by, drop off a ballot never have to get off the car. now, there have been problems
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and issued. take a look. someplaces have been changed so folks show up and being redirected to new precincts. there are a lot of folks waiting to vote. here it's up to two hours, they'll stay open late, though so they can take care of everybody. polling places close at 8:00 p.m. if anyone is in line at that time they will be able to vote and will close off the building so it could go to 9:00 or 10:00 this evening. depending on the number of people it's been heavy and busy today. they expect it to be increasing by 5:00 and until closing at 8:00 people, using their rights and voting today is important. don sanchez. >> and department of justice will have federal observers in
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alameda county. 800 monitors will be watching for potential voting rights violations in 23 states. if you have trouble voting you can report problems at the polling place to election hot line. that number you'll find posted at abc 7 >> and we have more election coverage to get to for you. first a special day in san francisco city hall. people recognize for stepping up to stop the violence the night the giants won the world series. >> a poll work jer honored today. >> if youãvoted you can let everybody know about that by posting one of the badges on your facebook wall. they're available at
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>> a shooting in fresno killed owe two people and a gunman and wounded three others. investigators say the gunman took his own live after opening fire a few hours into the shift of applez valley farms. he has an extensive criminal history. police say it's unclear what provoked this shooting. three marin counti;ñc day care workers face involuntary
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manslaughter for the death of a child. >> the magic place center was locked up tight as a drum this morning. no children, no parents. the woman who owns this business with two staff were in jail. >> i think they were rather surprised last night. >> surprised to be arrested by police two weeks after a 4-month-old died here. the owner and staffers face charges of involuntary manslaughter. >> he died of asphyxia. suffocation due to his external airway being blocked by bedding. it wasn't sids but >> it should have been prevent add cording to an investigation according to state department of social services which concluded the center was under staffed and staff found the baby at 3:00 p.m. and failed to call an ambulance for 25 minutes not until after miss gill returned then, the report says shefgwwm d
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the staff to tell police she found the baby. >> in this case the child care providers were supposed to properly care for the child that. didn't happen. it resulted in death. >> this is not the first complaint against the center. there have been minor violations in the past seven years from improper fingerprinting of staff members to dangers in the play yard. the women scheduled to appear in court tomorrow morning. san francisco francit officials honored two men for their heroics. a bus driver was honored for getting all of the passengers off the bus. the agency also recognizedhaok$c simon timony, beaten unconscious while trying to prevent the bus vandalism. >> now back to more of our election coverage. presidential candidate needs
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270 electoral votes to win. here are the current predicks made by abc news political unit. the president at 2:04. mitt romney at 194. the president ahead by just 10 votes. seh the win jer too close to call here, you've got nevada and colorado and iowa, as well as virginia, new hampshire, and florida. there is virginia and florida there. abc news is predicting mr. obama will likely win
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we'll see fog pushing into north bay valleys so normal seasonal conditions will return overnight lows into low 50s so cooler overnight. then some of the overnight readings earlier in the week. here is what's happening in the atmosphere, high pressure is retreating now, moving
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away. this big cold air mass coming our way. the cold front could bring showers to us. we'll start at 5:00 thursday morning. it will be dry. by 10:00 thursday morning we'll see showers developing in the north bay. the front swings eastward and south ward. showers reaching other parts of the bay area, there is not a lot of moisture with this system. some showers could trail into friday morning before giving way to sunny skies and much cooler conditions. into the seera, winter weather advisory in effect from thursday morning until friday afternoon. snow levels will be down to 3500 feet. tomorrow here in the bay area, much cooler, pleasant. sunny skies, high temperatures from 60s up to low 70s into warmest locations. similar readings down near monterey bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. cooling down, sharply as we head into weekend. showers thursday, maybe a trailing shower or two friday morning and cooler a chance of frost by monday morning because season has arrived.
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call it autumn, or prewinter.
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abc day of giving to help victims of super storm sandy has been a success. $60.8 million has been raised for the efforts so far. a big thank you to everyone here who donated yesterday. and if you haven't given yet, you can do so. simply text abc to 90999 to
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donate $10. you can call 1-800-help now or if you prefer go online to red >> we invite you to stay with us for the election day results, and we'll be here the next work will be here as long it takes. you have a lot of people talking about what is if one candidate wins popular vote and other wins he he electric toreal college and what are the ramifications of that? we have realtime results and we'll have them for you the moment polls close here we'll have updates all night long on facebook page and also through twitter. >> abc news coverage begins right now, but keep in mind thousands of you have cast your ballots through early voting you can post one of these badges to your facebook wall. you'll find them on
3:28 pm 7 news. >> before we say goodbye a live look at the empire state building in new york looks spectacular lit up in red, white and blue. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news. the special edition at 3:00. keep in mind if you haven't voted yet you have four and a half hours to get to the polls. >> special
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